The non-profit organisation ARTONOV was created on 6 November 2014 by Vincenzo Casale (Artistic Director and President), Marine Falque-Vert (General Manager), Anna Gibello (Head of Public and International Relations) and Thomas Luks (Head of Sociocultural Activities).

In the meantime three more members have joined the team: Sabina Leysen (Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Projects), Marina Cerdà Salvà (Production Manager) and Anaïs Rouquier (Sponsorships and Partnerships Manager).


ARTONOV is also supported by elected honorary members: Mr. Philippe Billot, Mrs. Delphine Dumont-Laforge, Mr. Pierre Pivin, Mrs. Nel Vandevannet and Mr. Paolo Luigi Grossi, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute.

The aim of this organisation is to promote artistic expression, focusing on the performing arts and audio visual. It intends to awaken curiosity, discovery, exchange and intercultural encounters by supporting young artists. Among its’ objectives, is the organisation of an interdisciplinary festival: the ARTONOV Festival.

Vincenzo Casale

Artistic director and President

Marine Falque-Vert

General manager

Anna Gibello

Head of public & international relations

Thomas Luks

Head of sociocultural projects