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Stretch + Timemonochromes

Dance – Music – Performance


Sunday 11 October 2020
15.00 – 19.00
Non-stop performance, entrance possible until 18.30
Quai F. Demets 23, 1070 Anderlecht

A new format studying time-experience in relation to architectural space, movement, dance, sound, field recordings and art. 

Stretch + Timemonochromes is a performance set up by director, choreographer and visual artist, Isabella Soupart and musical director and pianist, Guy Vandromme. Their idea of collaboration is to research the existing biotope of a museum and in particular, the actual relation between a work of art and the audience. How do we relate to our heritage? What kind of presentation formats put the work of art in active dialogue with the visitor? How creatively will the museum or curator involve the visitor in a search for new forms of perception?

Stretch + Timemonochromes is linked to the idea of exploring new listening experiences in combination with exploring new dance formats which can eventually define a plastic space. What do the two mediums have in common in order to break open the perception of time and the possibilities to explore the space as a plastic environment? Different layers of sound and density are stretched by musicians and composers exploring musical textures where material becomes a flexible unit and different units are often superimposed or spread out over time.

Nine dancers/performers will interact within the space of COOP. The audience is invited to come, share the experience and leave freely within a timespan of 4 hours.



Isabella Soupart – Concept, direction and choreography
Guy Vandromme – Concept, musical direction
Popaul Amisi – Dancer, performer
Kayoko Minami – Dancer, performer
Meri Pajunpää – Dancer, performer
Sara Tan – Dancer, performer
Johanna Willig Rosenstein -Dancer, performer
Fouad Nafili – Dancer, performer
Luciana Elizondo – Viola da gamba
Ruben Martinez Orio – Percussions
Christine Verschorren – Sound designer
Thibaut Dupont – Technical direction
Noémie Sonveau – Production assistant

Production – Made in Bruxelles, H&B
With the support of Profirst, TelepART  

Sylvie Cujas11/10/2020 | Stretch + Timemonochromes