The Project

The ARTONOV Festival is inspired by the international Art Nouveau movement, both for its philosophy and its implementation, but also by the Japanese sensorial and multidisciplinary art. Its objective is to generate a convergence between the performing arts, such as music, dance, theatre, fashion and visual arts, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and creation in Art Nouveau and Art Deco houses and other venues of remarkable architecture in Brussels.

The Festival presents a dozen original and innovative artistic performances where young people and professionals are featured. It aims to offer artists, and primarily emerging artists, the opportunity to develop their artistic projects in a spirit of collaboration between generations, nationalities and artistic disciplines.

ARTONOV also organises artistic workshops in kindergartens and primary schools in Brussels, develops cultural mediation with youth centres and establishes partnerships with art schools such as the Beaux-Arts, La Cambre, ARTS2, the Royal Brussels Conservatory, INSAS, etc.

The philosophy of Art Nouveau and its places, the starting point of our festival, leads us to in-depth research about the spaces of other periods while keeping a common thread:

to awaken the senses in a common artistic gesture between performance and architecture.

The particularity of the festival lies in the unique multidisciplinary creations that are inspired by distinctive locations. It brings buildings and spaces to life and magnifies the ordinary by offering a different view of the city. It allows the rediscovery of heritage through a different experience. Architecture becomes part of the “ritual” of performance.

The ARTONOV Festival’s ambition is to reconnect with the concept of ‘total art’, as Henry van de Velde understood it: to unify music, visual arts, architecture, dance, design, theatre and video and to offer our young Europeans a workspace catering to their creativity, curiosity and their professional emancipation.

Its international dimension, the discovery of unusual architectural spaces, innovative programming, the multiplicity of viewpoints linked to the questioning of Nature / Culture and above all the convergence between music, theatre, circus, dance, fashion, culinary and visual arts make ARTONOV a dynamic and optimistic tool.