© Jacques Philippet

Urban Beethoven

Music – hip hop dance – light – digital art

Saturday 9 October 2021
19.00 SOLD OUT / 20.30 LAST TICKETS !
Duration: 1 hour
See U Brussels
Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Ixelles

Urban Beethoven© is a dialogue between Beethoven’s music for piano and orchestra, performed by Nima Sarkechik with the String Orchestra of the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels directed by Shirly Laub, and other artists from the different universes of hip hop and digital art.

The concept imagined by Nima Sarkechik invites communication between these languages with multiple identities, inspired by so-called classical music and in spite of differences in the grammar, vocabulary and other codes unique to each of these idioms: the aim is to create connection without hierarchy between the arts, and thus also between people.

Beyond the fear of being misunderstood and beyond prejudices, resides a world of creative confluence. Through this meeting with difference, connections are made without hierarchy, resulting in mutual confidence, a condition of dialogue between a mix of artistic languages.

30 secondes de votre corps is an original creation by the company Les Yeux d’Argos based on the looped movements choreographed by Hervé Sika for the show Urban Beethoven©. A choreography emerges when the movements of the bodies are repeated ad infinitum. This collective creation is a hymn to the freedom of human bodies, to meeting and to sharing, of which we have been so deprived during this period of confinement.



Nima Sarkechik, piano and conception Urban-Beethoven
Hervé Sika, dance
The string orchestra of the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels
Shirly Laub, musical direction

Les Yeux d’Argos
Marie Langlois, author and founding artist
Thomas Zaderazky, programming
Olivier d’Encausse, construction and stage direction

Jens Van den NieuwenhuysenUrban Beethoven