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C#2 | Duo for organetto and computer

Music – technology

Sunday 10 October 2021
16.00 / 18.00
Duration: 40 minutes
Atelier Colpaert
Rue Monrose 33-35, 1030 Schaerbeek

C#2 is the encounter of two instruments that everything seems to separate: the organetto and the computer.

The first is a portable miniature organ. This instrument was very popular from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, but then fell into oblivion. By its size but also by its fragile and intimate sound, the organetto is the opposite of the gigantism of the big organs. The second (the computer) appears while the first has become nothing but an object in a museum. The musical potential is infinite.

After creating the monumental duo C#1 for great organ and computer, released in 2019 on the Cyprès label, Cindy Castillo and Pierre Slinckx continue their exploration of the organ from a new angle, that of nomadism.



Cindy Castillo, organetto
Pierre Slinckx, composition and electronics
Jean-François Lejeune, sound engineer


Jens Van den NieuwenhuysenC#2 | Duo for organetto and computer