My ears are dancing

Workshop for children about listening and movement

How do we listen? And more specifically: what exactly happens when we listen to music?

Scientific research is increasingly showing what we have known intuitively for a long time: we listen not only with our ears and brain, but with our entire body.

In the workshop “My ears are dancing”, children are immersed in a world of classical music and movement. Through varied and playful activities, they are encouraged to discover what physical action brings to listening, and brought to a more intense way to enjoy music. 

Damien Tresanini is leading the workshop.
Marieke Bouche (violin), Wendy Ruymen (viola) and Thomas Luks (cello) provide the music.

This project is realized with the support of the Flemish Government, thanks to the Cultural Activity Grant.

Jens Van den Nieuwenhuysen11/05/2021 | My ears are dancing