Fabrique des lumières


La fabrique des lumières

Workshop for young people


Sunday 11 October 2020
13.30 / 14.30
Duration : 30 minutes
Quai F. Demets 23, 1070 Anderlecht

Together we investigate how artistic expression and movement is anchored in popular culture. COOP’s educational team brings together a group of young people, choreographers and educational actors to create a performance around assembly line work. A 5-day workshop will be organized with young people from Anderlecht gathered by the association “Le Manguier en Fleurs”.

We invite you to meet the participants, to discover the scenographic installations and Karin Vyncke’s choreographic point of view and also to give your opinion on aesthetic and political issues.

Who sets the speed? Who is the conductor of this gear? A theme perfectly reflecting our society, targeting production at the expense of everyone’s well-being. The movements are transmitted from one to another, from child to child, from whom responsibility is requested in order to circulate the movements as a repetitive choreography. Sequences, which are at times fluid, other times jerky, will emerge. The unforeseen creates surprises. Changes in speed and rhythm will be the big disruptions. 



Karin Vyncke – Choreographer, dancer

Sylvie Cujas11/10/2020 | La fabrique des lumières