© Alexandre Lacombe


Jazz – Improvisation

Sunday 4 October 2020
19.00 / 21.00
Duration : 45 minutes
Solvay Library – EDIFICIO
Rue Belliard 137, 1040 Etterbeek
18.30 / 20.30 : guided tour FR/NL
(limited places, max. 20 people)

We are all coming out of an extraordinary period. Half of the planet was confined in their homes to eliminate the risk of further contamination. Alternative methods of communication and spreading our art needed to be discussed. Many things have passed before our eyes and through our ears more or less successfully, since trying to connect with individuals separated by time and space is quite a challenge. Music must reunite all the senses in order to reach the subtle, the nuance and the surprise. The audience’s body must receive the sounds produced by the artists (with or without instruments) in one place in order to make the moment more natural than a screen and more sensual than a video. One needs to be in the sound revolving around us and bouncing onto stone, wood, fabric or books. 

I wanted to share this return to direct contact, to the touch of sound, with the cellist Vincent Courtois, with whom I shared the stage for many years, in particular for the atypical and iconic project, “Napoli’s Walls” by Louis Sclavis. We will improvise our reunion and play in the present with our baggage from the past.

How wonderful it is to come out of the shadow and play under the rays of the sun, to play in front of you, to play with you!



Médéric Collignon Trumpet, jazz multivocalist
Vincent Courtois – Cello

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