Festival ARTONOV 2020

6th edition

What the day owes the night

The next edition of ARTONOV Festival will be created around the theme ‘What the day owes the night’.

The lockdown was a challenge for all of us as individuals, as a community and for the society as a whole. It is now time to bring light after this dark period by reconnecting with cultural events.

This sixth edition will be more engaged than ever thanks to the motivation and commitment of the festival team, artists and partner venues. From October 4 to 11, 2020, be ready to be surprised by the new and adventurous program of ARTONOV Festival.

We are eager to see you again in compliance with hygiene and safety measures. We will come back to you with some advice and instructions for the different performances.

Come and safely enjoy exceptional performances in remarkable architectural venues. Thank you for your trust and support. In the meantime, stay healthy.

Sylvie CujasFestival 2020 Teaser