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Thursday June 10, 2021
Evil Penguin TV

The ensemble “Les Solistes du Concert de la Loge” takes you on a journey through the Villa Carpentier in Ronse, one of the few country houses built by Victor Horta, where architecture, nature and music are interwoven. The garden of the Villa Carpentier, recently embellished, puts this art-nouveau jewel inspired by Japanese art even more in the limelight.

After Brahms prematurely ended his career as a composer, he prepared for a life of leisure. That was until he heard the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld; a man so talented that he enticed Brahms to pick up his pen again and return to the world of composing. His clarinet quintet, the work for which Mühlfeld served as Brahms’ muse, is one of the most profound and expressive chamber music works known to man. 

Clarinettist Vincenzo Casale is joined by ‘Les Solistes du Concert de la Loge’ during the performance of this melancholic and rhapsodic masterpiece at Villa Carpentier.


Les Solistes du Concert de la Loge:

Julien Chauvin, first violin
Karine Crocquenoy, second violin
Pierre-Éric Nimylowycz, alto
Grégoire Korniluk, cello 

 Vincenzo Casale, clarinet in A (by Georg Ottensteiner, Munich 1860)


Musical program:

Johannes Brahms: Quintet for clarinet and strings in b minor, op. 115
Con moto

With thanks to Olga and Michel Gilbert who open the doors of the Villa Carpentier for the occasion.

A coproduction with Evil Penguin TV.

This project is realized with the support of the Flemish Government, thanks to the Cultural Activity Grant.

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