Come on Feet

© Boris Bruegel

Come On Feet

Music – Contemporary dance – Urban dance – Footwork

 Tuesday 6 October 2020
19.00 / 21.00
Duration : 1 hour
See U Brussels
Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Ixelles

Come On Feet is a dance and live music performance combining the energy and craft of underground dance forms (footwork, house, afro house, beats) with the aesthetics of a contemporary dance performance.

Come On Feet was born out of Bert and Stijn Cools’ love of EDM (electronic dance music) and their desire to perform this music style live on stage in all its sub-genres. Footwork is a sub-genre that appeals enormously to their imagination. This music and dance style developed within the street culture of Chicago and has rapidly spread worldwide in recent years. It includes the fast movement of the feet combined with upbeat rhythms and usually takes place as part of a “battle”. Together with house and afro dance styles, Company granvat presents footwork as a dance style in a performance with live club music.

Along with a team of six dancers and the two musicians Stijn and Bert Cools (granvat) on stage, choreographer Quan Bui Ngoc (les ballets C de la B) explores the encounter between urban club culture and contemporary dance.



granvat concept
Quan Bui Ngoc – Choreographer
Stijn Cools – Music
Bert Cools – Music
Samantha Mavinga – Dancer
Boule Mpanya – Dancer, voice
David Kinkela – Dancer
Joffrey Anane – Dancer
Hendrick Ntela – Dancer
Raquel Suarez Duenas – Dancer
Nick Symons – Sound designer
Yann Windey – Light designer

Sylvie Cujas06/10/2020 | Come On Feet