Chromatic spaces : a mode of light

Chromatic spaces: a mode of light   

Music – Glass art – Olfactory art

Wednesday 7 October 2020 – SOLD OUT


18.30 / 19.30 / 20.30 / 21.30 (max. 8 people)
Duration : 30 minutes
Saint-Cyr House
Square Ambiorix 11, 1000 Brussels

In this musical promenade, we will explore the interaction of space and light, inspired by the work of art nouveau architects and the work of Gustave Strauven: the Saint-Cyr House. This building draws on elements of fantasy, illusion and nostalgia of the past, where the experience of the space engages  the unconscious and the language of reminiscences. The architectonic spaces can be perceived through the sound and language of musical modes, which for centuries (before the invention of harmony during the baroque period) served as the canvas on which to express art and ideas through sound both in the East and West. Each mode, space, and culture created an array of colors t, creating endless possibilities to perceive the whole chromatic spectrum.

Instruments reminiscent of a long distant past, such as the organetto (a handheld organ used in the middle ages), percussion, the medieval lute, gittern and a fantasy lire, are used in interaction with a subtle play of light and colors through glass and artworks using the chromatic illusion of the  Flemish primitives. Through this combination, the senses interact to enhance the dimensionality of each space.

Cécile De Jaegher will exhibit several works from her series “Apparitions en devenir, un travail sur le temps”. 

Audiences will be asked to remove their shoes or bring slippers.



Catalina Vicens – Medieval portative organ, percussion and organ
Michaël Grébil Liberg – Plucked and bowed medieval string instruments
Lisa Goldberg – Glass and scent artist

Sylvie Cujas06 & 07/10/2020 | Chromatic spaces: a mode of light