Interdisciplinary Festival

Brussels 8 – 16 October 2022

The name ‘ARTONOV’ is a pun that defines the vision of the festival. With an Eastern European consonance, it invites us to travel through Art Nouveau by the establishment of a bridge between the centuries and the arts, where innovation becomes a way to build a future together. It revolves around the following:

ART: convergence of the arts, providing a coherent dialogue without falling into an amalgam.

O: the festival itself, the bridge that brings visual arts, performing arts, space arts, fine arts and the arts of music together for a complete and balanced symbiosis around Art Nouveau.

NOV: young emerging artists as a force to invest in the future, united in the use of new technologies, in a spirit of collaboration between generations and nationalities.

Rediscover our heritage by attending a performance, a concert or a show. Imagine the interiors of the most beautiful houses, the ‘hotels de maître’ of Brussels’ great masters or public places of remarkable architecture reinvested by established or emerging artists. Music, dance, circus, theatre, design, visual arts and culinary arts at the heart of our heritage and available to all. Far from rehashing the past, the ARTONOV Festival offers a fresh look at the concept of Total Art.

Le monde ne sera heureux que quand tous les hommes auront des âmes d’artistes, c’est-à-dire quand tous prendront plaisir à leur tâche.

L’art est encore une magnifique leçon de sincérité

Auguste RODIN

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