A visit to each location will be organised before the performances by specialists on the property in collaboration with Arkadia.


Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
B – 1000 Bruxelles

19h15 visit (1 FR + 1 NL)

The Silk Route in Sounds

Music-Visual Arts

Osuna Trio – Colette Dedyn

During an Osuna concert, you can experience sounds Marco Polo may have heard on his eastbound travels during the late Middle Ages. Three musical personalities meet each other: Thomas Baeté, medieval fiddle player and singer of troubadour lyrics, Emre Gültekin, saz-virtuoso, who grew up in the Anatolian music tradition and Raphael Decock whose fascinating overtone-singing and chatkan-playing bring the steppes of Central Asia alive. These three repertoires come to unite through a shared modal language, a common sense of refinement of ornamentation and modulation, and through a cyclical time experience. The “estampies du roy” are 13th century dances originating from Western Europe that were taken to the Middle-East by the Crusaders. We hear them alongside a traditional hypnotic Anatolian dance called the Zeybek. The Mongolian overtone singing may also have been heard at the borders of Europe when Genghis Kahn’s troupes reached the Donau in the early 13th century.



For this new production, premiering in ARTONOV, OSUNA teams up with sand artist Colette Dedyn; a long awaited collaboration! Her sand art is the perfect visual compliment to OSUNA’s music: the projections of her life drawn in the sand provide a larger canvas for the audience’s imagination. The soundscape of Marco Polo’s voyages are now completed by a landscape to assure a complete experience that is both poetic and exotic. Apart from the natural beauty and architectonical interest of those regions, another more surprising element that is a source of inspiration for Dedyn’s sand-art is the mulberry tree. This tree has many functions: it provides shade for story tellers and musicians, its’ wood makes the oriental lutes, its’ leaves provide food for the silk worms who provide musical strings and it is the core of the OSUNA Silk Road experience.

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Hôtel de Ville – Saint-Gilles

Place Maurice van Meenen 39
1060 Saint-Gilles

19h15 visit ( 1 FR + 1 NL)

Concert commenté 01 saint-gilles800_logo_rgb-01-crop-u348_2x


Jean Rondeau, harpsichord
Antoine Pecqueur, journalist

Goethe described the architecture of “silent music”. These two arts, which are normally in opposition with one another (the physical, the metaphysical), actually maintain close ties. The composers were inspired by the architecture to composer their works, and vice versa; the architects have used musical vocabulary in the realisation of their plans, the pace of shapes and scale. Harpsichordist Jean Rondeau and the journalist Antoine Pecqueur, author of “The Spaces of music” devoted to the architecture of concert halls will create a concert in which the works are put into perspective by the place where they are created. This is a journey through the history of music through architecture and acoustics. One will not find a more beautiful setting than the Symbolist-inspired hall of Saint-Gilles

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Ecole primaire communale n°1
de Schaerbeek
Rue Josaphat 229
1030 Bruxelles

Les musiciens de Brême


Ensemble « Lecture-Aventure »

Richard, acteur
Virginie Decharmes, violin
Jivka Kaltcheva, violin
Wendy Ruymen, alto
Thomas Luks, cello

The Musicians de Brême


After a life of hard work on the farm, the donkey, dog, cat and the rooster are old and tired. Being threatened with death by their owners, they decide to leave. But where to go? What do you do when you’re alone and discouraged? They encounter the Musicians of Brême…why not join them and become musicians?


Each animal possess its own melody but works in conjunction with the others to create a new quartet, happier and stronger than ever.


Both the storyteller and children from the audience will participate on this adventure and help the animals in achieving to portray their magnificent musical journey.

Show for comedian and string quartet.

Text from the Brothers Grimm.

Music by Bach and Haydn.



Maison Autrique
Chaussée de Haecht 266
1030 Bruxelles

13h15 visit (1 FR)

Music and Freemasonry


La Libre Esthétique

Sheva Tehoval, soprano

Robin Van Dyck, acteur
Costantino Mastroprimiano, piano Erard 
Vincenzo Casale, historical clarinet


The Autrique House was designed by Victor Horta in 1893. In his book, Memoirs, Horta recalls the joy he felt when Eugène Autrique entrusted him with the construction of his house. The two men knew each other because of their membership in the Masonic Lodge of Friends Philanthropists.


La Libre Esthétique presents a program both typical of the salons of Brussels at the beginning of 1900 but also a program that could have been offered by Eugène Autrique and members of the Brussels Masonic lodge.

The texts and letters intertwine with pieces chosen to set a symbolic atmosphere.

A concert unlike the others!

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Contemporary Art Center Brussels
Rue Borrens 32
1050 Ixelles

18h15 visit ( 1  FR)


Music-Dance-Fashion-Visual Art (2h)

Several interdisciplinary performances will take place in CAB Contemporary Art Center, which is an Art Deco building dedicated to contemporary art. Varying groups of young artists will present their creations.

In the CAB, a house of Jean Prouvé will also be exhibited. The performances will therefore be conducted using the space around the structure. It is a new meeting between the modern architecture of Jean Prouvé and the experimental nature of young artists: this is not to be missed!!

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Fashion performance

During Festival ARTONOV 2016, the duo Erhart-Le Thanh will present their collection called « ARTONOV 2016 » at the Museum van Buuren which will culminate in performance art instead of a fashion show. This fashion performance, held at CAB, aims to display all disciplines such as photography, music, voice, makeup and of course fashion clothing. Such a combination of disciplines captures the fundamental spirit of the festival.

The staging addresses issues such as transformation or metamorphosis, psychoanalysis of dreams and nightmares, the transition from life to death…All of these elements are integrated discreetly in the collection and will be explored by the protagonists during the performance.




PAGINE is the collaboration between the Scarbo saxophone quartet and Yuika Hashimoto, a talented dancer with the company Rosas. PAGINE refers to the collection of transcriptions using the same name, developed by the Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino who managed to combine diverse styles in a bright musical arrangement.

During the festival, we will offer a selection of highlights by PAGINE.



Asagi Ito, soprano saxophone

Bart van Beneden, alto saxophone

Nele Tiebout, tenor saxophone

Pieter Pellens, baritone saxophone



Yuika Hashimoto


Museum van Buuren
41 av Léo Errera
1180 Bruxelles

10h15 visit ( 1 FR/NL)

En mode concert


Eliane Reyes, piano 
Yann Kerlau, texts

A very original concert-lecture, without an intermission, during which the pianist Eliane Reyes and writer Yann Kerlau recount the history of composers associated with the fashion of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era.

A concert filled with anecdotes combining fashion and music, in which Eliane performs works by Chopin, Saint-Saens, Massenet, Fauré, and Debussy, ending with ‘Spring’ by Nicolas Bacri.

Who invented the fashion show? Who really liberated the silhouettes of women? How was this market created? Why does “the purse” represent a symbol of status?

Yann Kerlau, who worked for about fifteen years in the world of luxury and fashion (notably for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent) has chosen to present us with extraordinary stories of creation and help us realise the keys to their success.

Fashion and costumes

For the 2016 edition of the ARTONOV Festival, the duo Erhart – Le Thanh presents fashion as their mode of communication. Their ideas are realised through their collection, ARTONOV 2016 which will be exhibited from the 7th to the 9th of October not only in the physical location of the Museum van Buuren but through the clothing the artists will wear, a fashion performance, and an audio-visual installation, all in interaction with various venues of the festival.

For the creation of their collection ARTONOV 2016, the duo Erhart – Le Thanh delves into the dimension of symbolism, primarily that of Léon Spilliaert, but also the influence from his contemporaries during that time. The collection is inspired by many themes such as the veils of night, transformation or metamorphosis, the psychoanalysis of dreams and nightmares and the transition from life to death. This is an analysis of colour and the interaction of various layers of material searching for new silhouettes and forms while maintaining the lightness in its execution. The clothing the artists will wear is pieces from their collection thus capturing the same spirit. The fashion performance and audio-visual installation represents the expression of this collection translated into other media. This is a dialogue between diverse disciplines concentrating around central themes of Symbolism. .

The realisation of the project will be conducted by the duo Erhart – Le Thanh along with other actors, artists, artisans, technicians, photographers, make-up and hair stylists, etc., who will be invited to participate in the production.

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Institut Bruno Lussato
Avenue de la Sapinière, 52 – 54
1180 Bruxelles

16h15 visit  ( 1 FR)

Folk Songs

Music-Exposition: Japanese Mingei folk art

Laure Delcampe, soprano 
Trio Inedito
Dirk Vandaele, violin
Thomas Luks, cello
Else Flement, pianoforte

The Scottish publisher and great collector of popular melodies George Thomson, (1757-1815) had a mission to prevent the folklore of his country from falling into oblivion. He even managed to interest Beethoven in his cultural preservation business. The composer arranged dozens of Scottish, Irish and Welsh songs for which Thomson had commissioned new texts from different writers, including Walter Scott. This resulted in several volumes of folk melodies arranged for voice and piano trio that make up a catalogue of the rich popular music tradition of the UK region.


This cultural heritage preservation shows how the alliance between art, folk crafts as well as learned artistic disciplines are capable of capturing the essence of emotion and beauty while contributing to the safeguarding of these traditions.


The soprano Laure Delcampe and the Inedito trio will present a selection of the Scottish and Irish melodies arranged by Beethoven. Alternating between melancholy and joy, dealing with love and war stories, social conditions and popular festivals, the program presents the range of emotions found in the collection edited by George Thomson.


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vincenzo_fest_artProgram 2016