Guided tours in collaboration with Arkadia


Max Hallet Mansion
Avenue Louise 346
1050 Ixelles

19:15 guided tour FR

Aria di Sorbetto / Une soirée à l’opéra   Fully booked!!!

Music-Culinary arts-Art comedy

Ensemble Dialoghi – Samuel Droeshaut

Samuel Droeshaut, ice cream maker

Ensemble Dialoghi:

Cristina Esclapez, pianoforte

Josep Domènech, oboe

Lorenzo Coppola, clarinet

Pierre-Antoine Tremblay, horn

Javier Zafra, bassoon

‘Aria di sorbetto’ was one of the last arias the soloist sung in operas from the 19th century in order to arouse the final applause from the audience. This is a conversation between culinary art, comedy art and music in the triumph of the senses and colours.

In this program of the Ensemble Dialoghi, the quintets of Mozart and Beethoven weave a path through instrumental music, opera buffa and commedia dell’arte. The theatrical aspects of these pieces are brought out and developed with the assistance of Samuel Droeshaut along with his ice cream creations inspired by the music

Our senses play with our emotions generating pleasure from the contemplation of a painting, melancholy while listening to music, while fragrances and perfumes slowly seep into our unconscious.

Tastes have so many attitudes, some become married, others dance together and some fight for first place.

Known as a champion in the world of frozen desserts for ten years, Samuel Droeshaut will guide us through the architecture built by curves of envy joined by straight lines of the recipes.

An artist of taste, Samuel invites your taste buds to a new symphony, paired with music.

Take the time to listen to what your palate says…a sweet dance with salt, a hint of acid comes to intrigue you… Do not swallow right away for the bitter comes in sweet waves…

A type of sorbet that will not leave you feeling the chill from the ice.

Special thanks to Michel Gilbert who is allowing us to use the Hotel Max Hallet for the occasion.



Catteau-Horta Primary School 

Rue Saint-Ghislain 40
1000 Brussels

10:15 guided tours FR and NL

Face à face (Laterna Magica Duo)

Family show – from 5 years

Nathalie Houtman, recorder
Laura Pok, recorder

Laura Pok and Nathalie Houtman show us an amazing panorama embracing 700 years of musical creation, highlighting this instrument for which they have a passion and that they play with brilliance.

Medieval dances, chorales, opera arias, contemporary works and improvisations resonate in our ears in a captivating ballet orchestrated by the notion of play.

The two musicians have chosen a meaningful thread which will be recognised by the young audience in relation to the pieces interpreted, evoking entertaining activities and adding an element of rhythm to their recreation. “1, 2, 3 piano”, “the musical chair” and some back-and-forth exchanges will give a musical response to further embellish their purpose.

Then, a change of scenery, an atmosphere that is sifted, canvases stretching to allow the impression of graceful Chinese shadows in dialogue with a Japanese melody mixed with songs of birds, the runoff of the rain, the quivering of the wind and the surge of thunder. Sophie Mulkers.

Works include those by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jacob van Eyck, Ernest H. Papier, Nathalie Houtman and Laura Pok, anonymous from the 14th century and improvisations on different recorders and other instruments.



Primary School n°1
of Schaerbeek
Rue Josaphat 229
1030 Schaerbeek

13:15 guided tours FR and NL

Le tour du monde en 80 notes

Family show – from 5 years

Ensemble Clarnival 

Bethsabée Hatzfeld, bass clarinet

Véronique Bernard, clarinet

Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet

Philippe Lemaire, E-flat clarinet

Sébastien Goutte, comedian


A musical journey for the young and the old.

A performance where the audience is the director.

A world map, a top hat containing numbered balls representing destinations, four clarinettists and a lecturer, everything is set for an exploration of the world through music.

Around the world in 80 notes (or even more), is a discovery of the richness of music from many continents during different time periods.

For every destination, the four clarinets interpret a musical excerpt and an explanation, more or less serious, is given by Mister G the lecturer – ultimately only saying so much. This performance falls in the innocent hands of the public who will decide the musical destinations by randomly drawing a ball in the hat.



Flagey House
Avenue du Général de Gaulle 39
1050 Ixelles

16:30 guided tour NL

16:45 guided tour FR

Du métronome au rythme des vagues Fully booked!!!

Textile design- Music-Woven performance-Qi Gong

Roel Dieltiens, cello
Elise Peroi,  designer and visual textile artist

Some strings are pressed and others crisscross. From music to weaving, the universe evolves from repetition to the virtuosity of gestures. From the audible to the silence, from the visible to the invisible. At the speed of the metronome, Roel Dieltiens and Elise Peroi echo each other in their respective universes. The ties are woven, gestures overlap, evolve, playing with the rhythm of a pendulum.

The loom looks like a musical instrument made of many strings whose sound is rather quiet with a few clicks.

The rhythm of time, the incessant metronome resonates with the gesture that is repeated perpetually for the duration of the work.

As a cellist weaver of the moment and a weaver working in time.

Special thanks to Vincent Liesnard who is allowing us to use the Maison Flagey for the occasion.




Winssinger Mansion – Galerie La Forest Divonne
Rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies 66
1060 Saint-Gilles

19:45 guided tour FR



Music-Dance-Theatre-Visual arts


Pulse Constellations

Gabriel Schenker, choreographer and dancer

Pulse Constellations … a being racing into the future passes a being racing into the past, two footprints perpetually obliterating one another, toe to heel, heel, to toe. (Yeats, A Vision)

Pulse Constellations by Gabriel Schenker originated in John McGuire’s electronic composition Pulse Music III, dating back to 1978; a complex piece composed of various layers and born from a sound image of movements in space. The piece combines a variety of pulsations, tempos and melodies to form a sequence of 24 distinct but interdependent sections that fold into each other unexpectedly and abruptly. The quality of the sounds, the fullness of the composition and its constant and disturbing movement in space, bring a stellar and cosmic quality to work.


Musiques Théâtrales 

Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet

Charline Potdevin, clarinet

Rémi Garcia, percussion

Looking to break the rules of a traditional classical concert, theatrical music mixes with subtle music, theatrical performance and dance in pieces of the 20th and 21st century for clarinets and percussion.


Le Silence du Sable

Maëlle Reymond, design, choreography, interpretation

Jérémy Chartier and Christophe Sartori, creating light, video and sound

Claire Hurpeau and Farid Ayelem Rahmouni, “regards complices”

Inspired by tales, Le Silence du Sable is a physical story. It is a game of transformations both fragile and resistant like a spider web. Once the human form is erased, it seems that all sorts of things can exist. Like a secret, disturbing and fascinating. Stand at the edges. Miraculously.

10:00, 10:50, 11:40 and 12:30

Horta Museum
Rue Américaine 25
1060 Saint Gilles

Musik für ein Haus   Fully booked!!!


La Libre Esthétique

Antoine Pecqueur, bassoon

Marie-Andrée Joerger, accordion

Vincenzo Casale, clarinet

Students of La Cambre, printmaking, design


 “Music, however immaterial it may be, can impose its density and its space. Of all the arts, this is the closest thing to architecture,” Renzo Piano.

Victor Horta related to this magnificent phrase by Renzo Piano. Its architecture permanently weaves links with musical gesture, both in rhythm and in ornamentation. Originally, the young Horta who studied the violin, wanted to become a musician but he was dismissed from the Brussels Conservatory because of … his indiscipline. So he became an architect!

To the sounds of the accordion and the bassoon, we offer you a stroll through the Horta Museum by linking architecture and music. The program includes baroque and contemporary music, echoing the very approach of Horta, both anchored in his time and deeply inspired by the old masters. The interpreted works will also create links between the west and the east (with pieces by Japanese composers), a reflection of the Asian tropism found in the aesthetics of Victor Horta.

The last dialogue of this journey: the Museum will also host installations by students of the superior school of the visual arts of La Cambre; contemporary counterpoint to the thought of Horta.

“Total art,” said Richard Wagner…


14:00 and 15:00

Fin-de-Siècle Museum
 Rue de la Régence 3
1000 Bruxelles

« J’aime… »: Promenade musicale et poétique

Mime performance-Music-Gestural Theatre

Valérie Aimard, voice, cello and mime

From music to silence there is one thing that excites the cellist Valérie Aimard to share, that being the art of mime.

It will guide you through a singularly poetic journey of music, silences, words, gestures, meaning and nonsense.

The works of the Musée Fin-de-Siècle will be reflected on by Bach, Glück, Baudelaire, Bashô and the musical inventions of Guy Reibel.

A fantasy world, funny and very musical.




OldMasters Museum at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium – Rubens Hall
Rue de la Régence 3
1000 Bruxelles

Tableaux d’une exposition

Painting-Music-Visual arts

Claire Chevallier, historical piano
Benoît Van Innis, painter


Having done in-depth research on Russian pianos, Claire Chevallier recorded Modeste Mussorgsky’s ‘Tableaux d’une exposition’. These ‘paintings’ were inspired by drawings by the artist-architect Viktor Hartmann, shown during a commemorative exhibition.

A few years ago the visual artist Benoît van Innis collaborated on stage with Claire Chevallier during a recital around Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc.

Today they find themselves in the Paul Rubens hall of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Brussels.

On stage, Claire Chevallier plays the works of Moussorgski and Benoît van Innis will give his visual interpretation inspired by the music.


vincenzo_fest_artProgram 2017