The Spirit of Places

Third Edition of Festival ARTONOV

The Spirit of Places refers to the Latin name “Genius loci” (spirit of place).  Is it possible that art and artistic performance interact with the architectural space in a dialogue which reinforces the spirit and essence of the place?

During the third edition of Festival ARTONOV, we will demonstrate how creative forces are awakened through this questioning.

The philosophy of Art Nouveau and its related places, the starting point of our festival, leads us to in-depth research of spaces from other eras while maintaining a common thread: to awaken the senses through a common artistic gesture between performance and architecture.

This year, the Rubens room at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium will demonstrate our desire to experiment with new spaces through performances inviting the public to embark on a sensorial journey.

Culinary art will be introduced for the first time by a Belgian sorbet maker through a musical theatre performance.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco will be honoured in venues such as the Hotel Max Hallet, the Horta Museum, the Hotel Winssinger and one of the houses of Ernest Blerot.

As stated by the Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa, “The ultimate meaning of any building is beyond architecture, it brings our consciousness back to the world and directs it towards our sense of self and being.”

In experiencing art, a particular exchange is made: we lend our emotions and sensitivity to the space as it diffuses its aura which attracts and frees our thoughts and perceptions.

I wish you all an experience full of sensory marvel for this third edition of Festival ARTONOV!!

Vincenzo Casale
artistic director of Festival ARTONOV

“A completed building shows us in a single glance the sum of the intentions, the inventions, the knowledge and the forces which its existence implies; it brings to light a combined work of man’s will, knowledge and power.”

Paul Valéry