Additional activities

ATELIER series develops collaboration with the non-profit organization Lecture-Aventure in several Brussels schools throughout the year. Reading stories, learning songs, mini-theatre and interactive sound workshops are offered. Extensive work is done focusing on the quality of listening so that it may be a remedy for problems of attention and expression, allowing fundamental bridges to be made between school and musical practise.

The non-profit organisation ARTONOV has been associated since 2017 with:

– Explore.Brussels for the organisation of a “PRINTEMPS series” with the representation of the ARTONOV Festival 2016 (En mode concert at the Museum van Buuren) during the Brussels Art Nouveau and Art Déco Festival to develop its national network.

– The Art Nouveau Network for European and international communication

– Heritage Days for the organisation of artistic events in places open to the public during the weekends of these heritage days.

The long term goal is for the city of Brussels to be associated with other European cities among the Route of Art Nouveau in a constant movement of exchange and openness to one another.

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